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PK Yuen is a well known expert on communications, Internet and the World Wide Web. With over 25 years experience working on web technologies, including large-application developments, engineer training and the security systems of international airports.
PK Yuen, Creator and Founder of Permanent Privacy Encryption
Premium and Unparalleled Encryption Technology
Permanent Privacy Encryption uses "Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES) 256-bit as a foundation with an expansion on
the decryption space - known as Shannon Perfect Secrecy.
Permanent Privacy can guarantee 100% security.

How Secure is your Sensitive Information?
The transfer of information depends critically on secure communications. The need to protect the material we communicate in cyberspace is crucial so we can continue to use this incredible resource safely. Cryptography provides the most reliable tools for storing and transmitting digital information and is the gold standard for attaining the levels of security that our online interactions demand.
The service can be considered as an enhanced AES encryption method to the point where its security strength reaches an "unhackable" level by achieving "Perfect Security" as defined and created by Claude Shannon.