Frequently Asked Questions


How it Works?

Our Encryption-Engine uses the “Advanced Encryption Standard” (AES) as a foundation with an expansion on the decryption space (patent-protected). Therefore, the decryption space will contain every single readable character, words of any language and all combinations of them. In other words, when a try-them-all (brute force) attack is attempted on pp-Encryption, the decryption results will contain every readable sentence up to the length of the original message. This feature is what makes pp-Encryption truly unhackable.
For example, if you encrypt a four letter word ‘East’, the brute force attack will have
‘Home’, ‘Time’, ‘West’, ‘Note’ as well as your original word ‘East’. There is no chance for the hacker to identify your original text.

1) Who is Permanent Privacy (PP) designed for?
Anyone and everyone who wants to keep their private data private – forever.
2) How strong is PP encryption?
When our simple instructions are followed, Permanent Privacy will encrypt data to an unbreakable level. Data is 100% secured (even from the world’s most advanced computers and cryptographers) provided that you use and secure your 3 keys. These are your 2 unique passwords (which you choose) and a truly random “Control File” that is larger in size than the file or text that you are encrypting/decrypting.

NB: Do not keep these keys in your computer. Use a memory stick, a CD or some other external memory device so you are not vulnerable to hackers or prying eyes. Also, do not rely on your computer’s “Delete” key as deleted files can often be recovered.

3) Are the creators of PP able to decrypt a file that is created using their software without knowing the Keys?
No. Unbreakable means unbreakable.
4) Is the software hard to use?
No, PP is user friendly provided you follow our simple instructions. The User Guide comes as part of the download package and will take you through 2 different types of  encryption/decryption (Text mode and File mode) in a few easy steps. Both achieve equal strength levels of encryption and both are unconditionally secure.
5) If I want to send an encrypted file to a colleague/friend, does my friend need the software too?
Yes, if your friend wants to decrypt the file you have sent they will need to have our software.
6) I am corresponding with a colleague/friend do we both need the same keys?
Yes. Both parties must use identical passwords and Control files.

Do not communicate your keys through email or instant messaging platforms as these forms of communication are not secure. Ideally, you can meet in person, but if you are unable then you can use traditional mail services or international couriers.

7) What is the purpose of the Random File Generator (RFG)?
The RFG quickly generates any specified file size and then applies four different tests of randomness. You will use this as your Control File (or 3rd key). Provided that it is bigger than the file that you are encrypting, you can use any digital file (such as a photo, MP3, Mpeg, DVD, etc) for almost perfect security. Our co-founder stated simply, “take a picture of the sky”.
8) Can I encrypt an entire hard disc or folder?
Yes, provided you Zip it first. PP can only encrypt FILES as an attachment, and after the zipping process a hard disc or folder becomes a .zip FILE.
9) How long will the download and installation process take?
With broadband the download package should only take a minute or so. Once downloaded, a setup wizard will guide you through the quick installation.
10) How fast is the encryption/decryption process?
Instant. In Text mode, PP will encrypt a 1000 character message in under a second (depending on your computer speed). In File mode it will encrypt a 15Mb file in under 4 seconds and will encrypt/decrypt a 1 Gig file in under 10 minutes (again depending on CPU speed).
11) What operating systems are compatible with PP?
Our software was designed with a PC in mind, so it works perfectly on all Microsoft Windows systems. For Intel based Mac users, if you have your Mac setup to run PC/Windows on a partition (Boot Camp) or via Parallels it will also work. Our software will be compatible with other operating systems shortly.
12) Will my details be passed on to any third parties?
Absolutely not. We believe passionately in your right to privacy.
Please email support@permanentprivacy.com if you have any further questions.


Thank you.